About us

Who are we?

We are a group of people living in London with relationships and links to communities, groups and individuals working for social and environmental justice in Mexico. London Mexico Solidarity believes we have a lot to learn from, and share with our brothers and sisters in Mexico and anywhere this message reaches.

Why London Mexico Solidarity?

We know that we can’t count on political and business leaders to respond to the current planetary crisis in a way that will be in the interest of the majority of the world’s population. Now as in the past, it’s ordinary people power that will bring about a more just world.

Rebel, Resist, Build the Alternative

The Zapatistas, citizens from Atenco, diverse communities in Oaxaca, and the people in Juarez and across the country who denounce free trade, the ‘drug war’ and multinational corporations’ self-interested investments are rebelling and resisting attacks on their traditions, cultures, and beliefs. They resist projects threatening to evict them from their land and exploit their labour. The construction of mega eco-tourist resorts, airports, dams and the destructive practices of logging and mining companies. They are against the capitalist system which seeks to destroy and/or homogenise humanity and the Earth. Against the commodification of humanity, nature, the ‘War on Drugs’ and all other wars. By mobilising their communities, organising with critical awareness and connecting with other local, regional and international struggles they are actively building the constructive alternative – a world in favour of humanity, with justice and dignity for all. These groups are a great souce of inspiration for us and we think together we can learn a lot from each other and strengthen our social justice movements.

The sign reads: ‘You are in Zapatista rebel territory. Here the people command and the government obeys. North Zone. Council of Good Government. Trafficking in weapons, planting of drugs, drug use, alcoholic beverages, and illegal sales of wood are strictly prohibited. No to the destruction of nature.’

What do we mean by ‘solidarity’?

We believe together, we are stronger. We believe in the vision of the millions of people around the world who are building our own local alternatives to the dominant capitalist system. We believe in the power of autonomy, collective organizing, self-government, and ‘mandar obedeciendo’ (lead by obeying). Collectively our power is limitless. We all have a voice and a responsibility to do something to right social ‘wrongs’ and we are not waiting for someone to come along to save us or offer us solutions to social problems.

Women from San Sebastian Bachajon demanding the community’s right to continue their eco-tourism business and resist displacement and takeover by a multinational eco-tourism mega-project near Agua Azul, Chiapas. This video story tells more.

What do we do?

We support social and environmental justice movements in Mexico by facilitating the exchange of experiences between the London and Mexico activist communities. We build relationships of mutual respect and support with persons and organizations who are resisting and struggling against neo-liberalism and for humanity. We hold vigils and public actions to increase public awareness of the situation in Mexico, and organise cultural events like film screenings, speaking tours, performance art and workshops. We also lobby and write letters in favour of Mexican grassroots campaigns. We support ‘The Other Campaign’.

Local, regional and global connections

We belong to a UK- and world-wide network of groups drawing inspiration from our brothers and sisters’ nonviolent struggles for justice in Mexico. The UK network meets every 6 months to review the situation in Mexico and evaluate and up-date our collective and local plans of action.


Interested in visiting Zapatista communities?

One of the great successes of the Zapatista movement has been to provoke an understanding of the common struggle diverse communities around the world face, and there is plenty we can do to plant seeds of Zapatismo wherever we are in the world. If you are interested in visiting autonomous Zapatista rebel territory, please read the document (see below) “visitors solidarity letter chiapas”.

Keep in touch, and join our next event!

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to know about our next event or members’ meeting. If you want to make your dreams of a just and sustainable world come true …. then wake up and join us! Now as before, if we want change to happen, we’ll have to do it ourselves.

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