Solidarity with the people of San Salvador Atenco in Mexico


Defending their lands and opposing the new airport in Mexico City!

British companies are involved!

Take action!


In 2001, the indigenous common landholders of San Salvador Atenco in Mexico were successful in their fight against the building of a new airport in Mexico City on their ancestral farm lands. The Peoples Front in Defence of the Land (FPDT) became emblematic for their highly symbolic machetes, and their determined resistance.

In May 2006, the government seized its chance to punish the community for defeating this megaproject. (Breaking the Seige, documentary here). Following an attack characterised by extreme police brutality and violent repression, 2 young people were dead, 26 women raped by the military police, many injured, and 217 people arrested. 9 leaders of the Atenco farmers were illegally sentenced to 31 years, 2 for 67 years, and one for 112 years. The people organised, and a national and international campaign for the liberation of the prisoners was launched with the support of the Zapatista-inspired Other Campaign; the prisoners were finally absolved and freed in 2010.

The man responsible for ordering this repression and the rape of the women was the former governor of the State of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. He is now the President of Mexico, and the Atenco issue was the shame of his presidential campaign. Two years later, on 3 September 2014, he announced the plans for a new, much larger, international airport in the same area to the east of Mexico City. The new airport will have six runways and be able to handle 120 million passengers a year, four times the capacity of the existing airport; it will cost an estimated £5.5 billion, and have an associated large scale urbanisation project, known as Future City.

¡Galeano Vive! ¡La Lucha Sigue! 14 May 2014 London

Paramilitaries ATTACK Zapatista Community La Realidad

Aggression against EZLN Bases in the Good Government Junta of La Realidad

Aggression against EZLN Bases in the Good Government Junta of La Realidad


 ** Members of the CIOAC-Historic, PVEM and PAN attack EZLN support bases in La Realidad ejido


 ** Murder, injuries, destruction of property and damage to vehicles result


3 news stories about the assassination of José Luis Solís López


The EZLN suspends activities following the assassination of Galeano, announces Marcos


**They postpone the national indigenous meeting and the tribute to Luis Villoro

Hermann Bellinghausen


La Jornada 
Saturday 10 May 2014


EZLN Communiqué: Pain and Rage


EZLN Communiqué: Pain and Rage

Pain and Rage

Zapatista Army for National Liberation


May 8, 2014

To the Compañeras and Compañeros of the Sixth:


To tell you the truth, the communiqué was all ready. It was succinct, clear, precise, how communiqués should be. But…well…maybe later.







In Chiapas

Land, Freedom and Justice for the Ejidatarios of San Sebastián Bachajón!

Convocation for the

“Two Weeks of Worldwide Action:

Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives!

The Bachajón struggle continues!”

From Thursday, April 24th to Thursday, May 8th, 2014


To our sisters and brothers of the ejido San Sebastián Bachajón:

To our compañer@s adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle:

To our Zapatista sisters and brothers:

To the people of Mexico and the world:

To the independent media:






In Chiapas


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