Human Rights Watch's concern about Mexico Government's role in enforced disappearances

Letter written by Human Rights Watch to express their concern on the government's role on enforced disappearances in Mexico:


Mr. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong

Altar de muertos at RichMix London remembers the students

#FueElEstado Altar de muertos at RichMix London recordando a los estudiantes asesinados por el estado en Iguala.
#FueElEstado Altar de muertos at RichMix London recordando a los estudiantes asesinados por el estado en Iguala.

MP Jeremy Corbyn expressing his support for  Todos Somos Ayotzinapa in front of a Mexican and international crowd at Dia de Muertos at RichMix London.

University of Sussex Demonstration in Support for Ayotzinapa

Thursday 6 November, at 3:30pm


University of Sussex, BN1 9RH Brighton

Demonstration in Support for Ayotzinapa

Last 26th of September a group of students from Ayotzinapa Normal School were attacked by police officers from the state of Guerrero in Mexico while they were raising funds to attend the commemoration of the “Tlatelolco Slaughter” in Mexico City on the 2nd of October. Six students were killed and 43 disappeared. The Government claims to ignore their whereabouts, but their families and the entire nation demand the State for their return. All across Mexico, and in many places around the world, demonstrations have been held to show solidarity with the students and their families.

From the 5th to the 7th of November, Mexican students will express their concerns and demands regarding the missing students at different universities. In this claim for justice, we are gathering at Falmer House’s entrance in the University of Sussex, thursday the 6th of November at 15:30 to show support to the students and their families and to demand the Mexican Government to deliver them alive.


Mensaje de estudiantes de la Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos, #Ayotzinapa (in Spanish)

Si no hay justicia para el pueblo, que no haya paz para el gobierno - See more at:
Si no hay justicia para el pueblo, que no haya paz para el gobierno - See more at:

Si no hay justicia para el pueblo, que no haya paz para el gobierno


Decenas de estudiantes de la Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos e integrantes de la caravana de estudiantes de la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), tomaron esta mañana las emisoras 105.1 de FM del grupo ABC, perteneciente a la Organización Editorial Mexicana (OEM), Capital Máxima que transmite por el 97.1 FM (del grupo radio Capital), y Radio Universidad (de la Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero) por el 90.7 de FM.


continua ...

.... one month and still no response from the Mexican Government

News Flash -- Mexican Government still hasn't responded to the letter Yo Soy 132 Londres and the Zapatista Solidarity Network UK sent on the 3rd of October. We've written again. Letter in Spanish below.


... to remind people of the 43 missing students in Mexico


A little surprize for the V&A - our own The Treatment Rooms Collective intervention to remind people of the 43 missing students in Mexico.

Global Day of Action For Ayotzinapa

Global Day of Action For Ayotzinapa. #AyotzinapaFueElEstado


Marxist Student Federation Solidarity with Ayotzinapa




Solidarity with the disappeared Mexican students #TodosSomosAyotzinapa


We are having a demonstration next Wednesday 8 at the Mexican Embassy (16 Saint George street, London, W1S 1FD) at 5.30 in solidarity with the families of the 43 students disappeared and of the 6 people killed during the attacks at Ayotzinapa, occurred last September 26th.

Join us, or if you can't join us, send (via us) the families, the students and the people of Mexico a message of solidarity. Photos, sound files, emails, messages, poems, songs, your thoughts and prayers.

And/or protest in your own way against the narco-government of Mexico in your regions, to take pictures and to upload them to the web, to our facebook page, send them to us, and we will ensure that your messages reach our brothers and sisters in Mexico, and we'll take them to the Mexican representatives in London.
College students from the Rural Normal School 'Raul Isidro Burgos' in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, were first attacked by the municipal police at Iguala while they were gathering in an event to collect funds to attend the commemoration of the Tlatelolco massacre 1968 and of two other students from the same community murdered in 2011.

This time the municipal police killed three students and three more people that were passing by. 43 students were disappeared, and since then there has not been information of their whereabouts. The next day, one of the students murdered, Julio César Mondragón, was found with signs of torture and with his face flayed. Last Saturday, clandestine mass graves were found near Iguala. According to the State government, some of the bodies could correspond to the disappeared students. However, we do not trust the government for this sort of investigation.

Heed this call! The government took them alive, we demand the government to bring all the students back to their families alive. They took them alive! We want them alive!

All Eyes on Mexico

la carta en español está abajo la que está en inglés aquí y un artículo de La Jornada sobre el evento


London, United Kingdom, October 2, 2014
46 years of impunity:

October 2nd will never be forgotten

Mexican Embassy in London
42 Hertford Street Mayfair
London W1J 7JR
United Kingdom

Ambassador Diego Gómez Pickering,

The reason for this letter is to express our concern and most

profound outrage regarding the recent events in Mexico. On Friday September 26th in four different but related events in Iguala, in the state of Guerrero, 43 students belonging to the Rural School “Raúl Isidro Burgos” of Ayotzinapa were disappeared, 6 people were murdered and more than 20 injured, some of them of gravity. The students were collecting

funds to attend the commemorative demonstration of October 2nd of 1968 Killing in Mexico City.

Sadly, these events are not isolated, but the effect of a long prevailing impunity. The first enforced disappearance registered in 1969 was coincidently in the state of Guerrero. Since then, more than 600 people have disappeared for political reasons. Every presidential term has produced its own disappearances and has guaranteed the impunity of its predecessors. This process allowed that to this day more than 20,000 people remain disappeared in Mexico, according to official numbers of the government that you represent.

The government which you work for has belittled the status of disappearances by talking about "people not located", has re-victimized families, and has made insufficient efforts to fulfil international obligations which the government itself has committed to comply in the field of enforced disappearances. To give an example, President Peña Nieto has denied a hearing to the mothers of Ciudad Juarez, who have maintained a hunger strike for days, and who have recently reported harassment by different entities associated with state security bodies.

October 2nd is the 46th anniversary of the Tlatelolco massacre. The Mexican justice system has determined that genocide was committed at the Plaza de Las Tres Culturas, (Three Cultures Square) but those responsible have not received a sentence; a crime without criminals. The guaranteed impunity to those who committed this and other crimes has been a blank check for the various government entities which have violated human rights in many communities across the country. The failure of the state in the administration of justice, and the active participation in the criminalization of protest, prevent Mexico from guaranteeing rights to its citizens, and instead perpetuates impunity. In this context, President Peña Nieto has paradoxically announced that Mexico will take part in UN peacekeeping missions. But how can a country participate in peacekeeping missions when inside the country its government infringes upon peace, violates human rights, and guarantees impunity?

Julio César Mondragón, one of the students of the Ayotzinapa Rural School murdered last September 26th was found on Saturday September 27th with signs of torture and with his face flayed. Julio César had his eyes brutally removed; we assume from here the responsibility of remaining alert to denounce these crimes.

Mr. Gómez Pickering: 46 years ago, in protest against the massacre of the 2nd of October, Octavio Paz quit his job as Mexico's Ambassador in India. What will you do in the face of the continuous acts of violence and repression in Mexico? What will you do in the face of 46 years of impunity from the Tlatelolco massacre, and the omnipresent impunity in Mexico?

Being consequent with a policy of impunity, we do not suppose you will resign your position. We demand that, at least, as the Ambassador of Mexico, you let Enrique Peña Nieto know that in the United Kingdom we are deeply concerned by what he is doing, that we demand justice for the 6 murdered people, that we will keep demonstrating in demand for truth and justice, and that we demand the immediate safe and sound return of the 43 disappeared students. Every day that passes without the lawful judgement and punishment of these crimes, without the presentation of the disappeared, the Mexican state is violating the international treaties that it is committed to uphold.


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