The world is watching the situation in Chiapas

London Mexico Solidarity Group met with officials from the Mexican Embassy in London on 27 Feb to express our disbelief, disappointment and frustration that the San Andres Accords signed in February 1996 still have not been implemented.

The Zapatistas and the world feel betrayed, yet meanwhile inspired by their life's project they carry on building autonomy and Good Government. The Zapatistas live the San Andres Accords in practice, while the Mexican government is stalled.

We also expressed our concern about the increasing heat of Peña Nieto's counterinsurency warfare strategy and the human rights situation. We discussed the Jan 2014 attack by CIOAC on the Zapatista community 10 de abril and the theft of 31 truck loads of timber from the Zapatistas ecological forest and the attack and injury of 6 people. The threats and posturing of the military and paramilitary groups in Chiapas is unsettling. Yet we hope not: the world is watching.

The Zapatistas are not alone. L@s Zapatistas no están sol@s.

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