Solidarity with Ayotzinapa! Come along this 26th to our demo outside the Mexican Embassy!

LMS and peole in solidarity with Ayotizinapa in the demo against fees and cuts and for free education!

Just a reminder of what #UKMX2105 means. 2015 is the Dual Year, UK in Mexico and Mexico in the UK, signed by the two foreign offices. It's a year mainly for economic agreements about UK's companies exploiting Mexican natural resources, now open to international capital. Human rights and other "problems" have not been part of this year, beyond some activities organised by academics and in no way by the Mexican Embassy, even when its logo appears everywhere. We call for solidarity with the victims of Mexico's Human Rights crisis using the official hashtags #UKMX2015 and#MXUK2015 to break into the narrative articulated by these offices in the social media. 

Show your support and solidarity using these hashtags, and help us inform others about the ongoing crisis in Mexico, making visible the faces of the 43 disappeared, the demands of the Zapatista communities, the struggle of thousands of people against dispossession, the stories of those mothers looking for their sons and daughters and more than 26 000 disappeared, and the dignity of people building autonomy and resistance!! 

Come along this 26th to our demo outside the Mexican Embassy! 16 St George Street, London W1S 1FD, 14:00-18:00