London Mexico Solidarity - February 2017 Newsletter

We are happy to share new details regarding our coming events and links to LMS collaborations. We are also spreading the Zapatista News Summary for January 2017, links to some of the latest Zapatista communiqués and other invitations for actions in solidarity with Mexico organised in London.

London Mexico Solidarity Events and Participations:

February 24 | Viva México! - Film Screening | 18:30 - 21:30

Viva México! Stories of Struggle and Resistance. Dir. Nicolás Défossé, 120. min (2010)

Last December the Zapatista Army and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) announced their decision to run a presidential campaign for the next general elections in Mexico (2018). The candidate will be an indigenous woman with knowledge of her culture and language, and experience in the struggles of her community. As Zapatista supporting group, LMS will showcase 'Viva Mexico' to introduce some key topics associated to the story of the EZLN and the National Indigenous Congress, specifically, the 2006 tour called 'The Other Campaign', in which the now Sub-Comandante Galeano travelled around Mexico to make links with other struggles lead by indigenous peoples, farmers and residents of urban areas resisting the dispossession of their rights and natural resources. 'The Other Campaign' proved to be a critical moment in the articulation of a multifaceted campaign gathering different social movements, which crystallises now in a new period in the history of the EZLN and the CNI, marking also a turning point in the history of resistance and radical politics in Mexico. 

£5 waged, £3 unwaged suggested donation but no one will be left out for lack of funds. Further Info: Viva México! Film ScreeningHeadway East London | Timber Wharf, 238-240 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AX

March 8, 13, 14 & 24 | Women Generating Change: A Month of Activities.

A month of activities to feel, explore and express being a powerful, anti-patriarchal, migrant woman.

--- March 8th | Women, Creativity and Struggle | 18:00 - 20:30

A conversation with Wretched of the EarthLAWRS, London Mexico Solidarity  and Movimiento Jaguar Despierto about the social movements and projects being led by Latin American women which inspire change in our realities both here and in Latin America. Followed by a printing workshop to express the voices and create portraits of women in struggle from different cultures.

--- March 13th & 14th | Tell me your struggle | 18:00 - 20:30

Using games and art therapy tools, Wings and Dreams and Consciousness and Movement will explore the struggles that surround us, from daily individual struggles, to collective transcendental experiences of change. This workshop is an invitation to connect our experiences and those of our community as an act of loving, awareness and healing.

--- March 24th | Bordered and Resistance | 18:00 - 20:30

Textiles and Politics Collective and London Mexico Solidarity: While the needle turns the thread in strokes, volutes and artists are intertwined in the sensitivity passed on from generation to generation. With this workshop we seek to resume this daily work to give voice to our struggles, allowing the needle and thread to become a political weapon.

--- March 24th | Minga for the migrant woman: The Daughter of the Lagoon | 18:00

To conclude International Women's Month, we invite you to an exclusive screening of La Hija de la Laguna, a documentary which tells the story of defiant territorial defender Nélida, a woman taking on the Yanacoha Mining company in order to defend the sacred lagoons of the mountain. After the movie we will celebrate the achievements of the month with music and food in the best Latin American style.

All workshops have limited seats. Please RSVP at indicating the name of the workshop you wish to participate in. Free entrance (Donations are welcome). This event will be held in Spanish but please let us know if you need any translation for any talk or workshop. Collaborating Organisations: War on Want and Unite. Further Info: Mujeres Generando Cambio Unite Union | 128 Theobalds Rd, Holborn WC 1X 8TN

March 25 - May 13 | Exhibition: Stitched Voices

London Mexico Solidarity's arpillera We Are Seeds will be displayed in the exhibition 'Stitched Voices'. The exhibition and associated programme is organised by Dr Berit Bliesemann de Guevara, Christine Andrä, Lydia Cole, and Danielle House, Department of International politics, Aberystwyth University in cooperation with Aberystwyth Art CentreFurther Info:Stitched Voices Website Aberystwyth Art Centre | Ceredigion SY23 3DE, Wales.

April 3 |  War and Journalism in Mexico | Details to be announced

Join London Mexico Solidarity for a conversation with Paula Mónaco and Miguel Tovar on the brave work that journalists are doing in the context of the so called "War on Drugs" in Mexico. Time and Venue will be announced soon.

Other Events in Solidarity with Mexico

February 26 | Wall of Hope | 14:00 - 17:00

A group of Mexican women invite people in London and surrounding areas to build a wall of hope in front of the U.S. Embassy on the 26th February:

You are invited to come with your family and to bring something to stick on the mural of hope and food to share. A border’s wall is a metaphor for creating distance, for dividing societies, for encouraging hatred. We want to build a wall of hope, a mural that celebrates life. Ours is a wall that bridges, that unites and creates cohesion, that supports love and hope. Our wall is about us, all of us. There will be music, poetry, performance. A wall of hope is woven with multicoloured yarn: indigenous peoples of the world, rural and urban workers, as well as precarious workers everywhere, migrants to any north or south, women and men, disabled and able-bodied people, with their faiths and cultures, with their sexualities; survivors, everyday heroines and heroes that strive for a better life for themselves and their children, for their communities; wanderers of all paths, wonder-makers and creators of new realities. A colourful wall of hope that we thread together, in solidarity, cheek by jowl, the people!

What to bring? Volunteers, Collaborations & Further Info: Wall of Hope - FB event & Fundraising campaign: US Embassy in London | 24 Grosvenor Square, W1K6, London

Zapatista News Summary & LMS contributions

Dorset Chiapas Solidarity collects the last month relevant news to make them accessible to an international audience, covering the daily life in the communities, security concerns and the latest communiqués of the Zapatista Army and the Zapatista supporting communities in resistance. Just click here to read and be updated:

* Zapatista News Summary for January 2017

* Zapatista News Summary for December 2016

Jen Wilton's report on Los Panchos: Mexico City's Experiment in Autonomous Living

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