LMS Newsletter November 2015

This time we want to share 1) Upcoming events, 2) the Zapatista Summary News, 3) Links to the reports of our last actions and 4) LMS' contributions in different media.

Upcoming Events!

November 9th 2015 Movimientos 10th anniversary: Roudtable on Latin America with LMS & Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Richmix, 12:00-13:00. Check the complete programme, including music, talks, and films.

November 28th 2015 Adelante, Latin America Conference 2015, Congress House, Great Russell St. BC1B 3LS.

November 30th 2015 LMS's talk "Mexico and Students Rights", Berric Saul Building, York University. 18:30. Organised by English PEN and York PEN


Zapatista Summary News:
Zapatista Summary News for October 2015

Past Events:

As you might know now, for the last months we have been quite active in solidarity with Mexico and, specifically, with Ayotzinapa. This is a list of our last events from September and November. The different versions of the video reporting our last action at the British Museum's Day of the Dead got more than 45000 reproductions, only in Facebook!

October 30 Join us to Crash BP and Mexican Government party of Day of the Dead, British Museum,. Press Release / Comunicado de prensa / Media Coverage / Video /

October 26 Discussion "Enforced disappearances in Mexico", by LMS and Amanda Hopkins at the University of East Anglia. LMS' Photos

October 24 Workshop "Zapatistas, The Struggle Against Dispossession", London Anarchist Bookfair 2015.

September 26 Demonstration: One Year On We Are Still Fighting! Mexican Embassy in London More Information

September 22 Panel Discussion: Ayotzinapa One Year After University College London, Institute of the Americas. Podcast

September 19 Housing Rights and Human Rights: An Evening of Short Films by London Mexico Solidarity, Southwark Defend Council Housing and the South London People's Assembly.

September 18 Workshop "Ayotzinapa, Your Struggle is Our Struggle, with EnglishPEN and StudentsPEN.

September 17 Ayotzinapa: Chronicle of a State Crime: Documentary Screening and Discussion by Alborada London and London Mexico Solidarity

September 12 "Stop the Arms" Demonstration. See London Mexico Solidarity's pictures.

September 12 "Refugges Welcome" Rally. See London Mexico Solidarity's pictures.


LMS' contributions

Celebrating the Dead while Silencing the Living, in BP or not BP? BP or not Bp? Blog, November 2015.

The Disappearance of 43 Students in Mexico: One Year On, Novara Wire, October 2015

"Our land, our lives, are not for sale" Atenco and the Struggle for the Land, Exchange - March 2015

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