LMS and The Wretched of the Earth in the Climate Justice March

This Sunday LMS joined the bloc The Wretched of the Earth, made up of different campaigns and solidarity groups denouncing that as long as colonialism stills structuring our political relations climate change will never be challenged, and climate justice will never be achieved!

People in the countries of the global south are the first affected by climate change, the first to die, the first to protest and the first to fight against climate change. Being aware of that climate change is the result of this system of opression and exploitation of the earth, animals and human beings, we stand in solidarity with those who have been dispossessed of their land, water, and other resources, and consequently have been deprived from their right to decide on their natural resources and their own lives. Those responsible for this process of dispossession and exploitation have names and addresses: those companies and goverments making profit of this climate catastrophe!

Photos by London Latinxs and London Mexico Solidarity