We are having a demonstration next Wednesday 8 at the Mexican Embassy (16 Saint George street, London, W1S 1FD) at 5.30 in solidarity with the families of the 43 students disappeared and of the 6 people killed during the attacks at Ayotzinapa, occurred last September 26th.

Join us, or if you can't join us, send (via us) the families, the students and the people of Mexico a message of solidarity. Photos, sound files, emails, messages, poems, songs, your thoughts and prayers.

And/or protest in your own way against the narco-government of Mexico in your regions, to take pictures and to upload them to the web, to our facebook page, send them to us, and we will ensure that your messages reach our brothers and sisters in Mexico, and we'll take them to the Mexican representatives in London.
College students from the Rural Normal School 'Raul Isidro Burgos' in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, were first attacked by the municipal police at Iguala while they were gathering in an event to collect funds to attend the commemoration of the Tlatelolco massacre 1968 and of two other students from the same community murdered in 2011.

This time the municipal police killed three students and three more people that were passing by. 43 students were disappeared, and since then there has not been information of their whereabouts. The next day, one of the students murdered, Julio César Mondragón, was found with signs of torture and with his face flayed. Last Saturday, clandestine mass graves were found near Iguala. According to the State government, some of the bodies could correspond to the disappeared students. However, we do not trust the government for this sort of investigation.

Heed this call! The government took them alive, we demand the government to bring all the students back to their families alive. They took them alive! We want them alive!