The Daily Practice of Building Autonomy -- a participatory workshop

Run this workshop yourself (d-i-y guidance notes below) or invite us and we'll do it together.

Are you dreaming of 'another', better, more just world? .... then wake up and do something!


Every day through daily life practices the Zapatistas in Mexico are building a peaceful sustainable alternative. They are living concrete autonomous experiments in well and collectively-organized communities. And they have inspired several other deliberate experiments locally, nationally and internationally. This workshop explores what we understand by autonomy and how we live it out in our everyday lives.

National liberation movements against colonialism only succeed in re-creating and re-asserting the dominant capitalist, hierarchical, violent model. Zapatistas call this signing up to 'Democracy Incorporated' and they invite us to think about 'politics' and the world order differently. Our current model has only been around since 1648 after all, and if history tells us anything it is that political order is an ever-evolving entity and culture, and that we have the power to change it.

Would you like to know more? join one of our workshops or take a look at the d-i-y guidance notes and other articles and resources below. And the Bristol Kiptik 'compas' have a great time line of Zapatista history. And this 2001 article Zapatismo: a feminine movement is a solid overview. 

Autonomous education and self-education are the initial actions to undoing oppression and interrupting the cycle of violence the dominant culture steeps us in from birth. In these spaces we can grow our awareness and skills to learn from everyone and from every situation life presents us. And (bonus!) we grow our resistance and build 'the other world' we dream of. Step into your own power, and get together with others to do something!

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