Aggression against EZLN Bases in the Good Government Junta of La Realidad

Aggression against EZLN Bases in the Good Government Junta of La Realidad


 ** Members of the CIOAC-Historic, PVEM and PAN attack EZLN support bases in La Realidad ejido


 ** Murder, injuries, destruction of property and damage to vehicles result


This human rights centre [Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas/ Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Centre] documented the murder of José Luis Solís López and aggressions against Bases of Support of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (BAEZLN), acts perpetrated on May 2, 2014 in the La Realidad ejido, Las Margaritas Municipality, by members of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), National Action Party (PAN) and members of the Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos - Historical (CIOAC-H).


On May 2, 2014 a Dialogue Commission consisting of 15 CIOAC-H members arrived at La Realidad requesting the “liberation” of Professor Roberto Alfaro Velasco, the CIOAC-H’s private secretary. However the professor clarified in writing: “At no time have I been detained. I have been free and I decided to stay to resolve this problem because we have been meeting and exchanging information continuously.” Faced with this information, the 15-person Dialogue Commission continued the meeting until the conflict was resolved and agreements were signed. It is appropriate to point out that on May 4 at 10:00 PM, the CIOAC-H’s Dialogue Commission withdrew from Caracol 1.


The continuous dialogue meeting had been progressing since May 1 in the offices of the Junta, with the consent and presence of representatives from the CIOAC-H, members of the Junta, and two persons from this Human Rights Centre in the role of observers. From the beginning of the meeting until the afternoon of May 2 they were reaching agreements to resolve the problem derived from the retention of a vehicle belonging to the Junta.


Nevertheless, at 6:30pm militants from the CIOAC-H, PVEM and the PAN who were on the outskirts of the Junta’s headquarters started to beat the installations of the autonomous school and clinic that is located approximately 150 metres away. The negotiating teams heard the retained vehicle being damaged. Faced with this situation, the BAEZLN decided to stay in the offices of Caracol 1 to avoid confrontation. For their part, the CIOAC-H’s dialogue commission asked for safe haven in Caracol 1 to guarantee their life, security and personal integrity.


A few minutes later witnesses, including the two individuals from this Human Rights Centre, heard a notification that approximately 140 La Realidad residents belonging to the CIOAC-H and members of the PVEM and PAN had ambushed and attacked approximately 68 BAEZLN at the entrance to the ejido, using firearms, machetes, sticks and stones, as the BAEZN were headed to the seat of Caracol 1 aboard three vehicles. The result was injuries to BAEZLN, and damage to the vehicles in which they were travelling, including a broken windows and lights and dented doors on two small trucks, and a 3-ton truck damaged with cudgels.


Faced with this situation, this Human Rights Centre documented that the BAEZLN who were in the Caracol 1 offices went to help their compañeros, and were themselves ambushed and attacked with firearms, sticks and stones, resulting in the murder of José Luis Solís López, BAEZLN, who was hit by three 22 caliber bullets: one in his right leg, another in the right side of the upper thorax and another in the back of his skull. He also received several cudgel blows on his back and a machete blow in the mouth.


The murdered person, José Luis, was participating in the dialogue meeting with the CIOAC-H’s leadership. During his process he had recounted several acts of harassment and threats on the part of the ejido commissioner Javier López Rodríguez, the municipal agent Carmelino Rodríguez Jiménez, the secretary of the ejido commission Edmundo López Moreno, Jaime Rodríguez Gómez, Eduardo Sántiz Sántiz and Alvaro Sántiz Rodríguez, members of the CIOAC-H.


The current situation in Caracol 1 has since been aggravated by residents of La Realidad ejido belonging to the PVEM, PAN and CIOAC-H cutting the supply of drinking water to Caracol 1.


Faced with this situation, this Human Rights Centre condemns the attack on the EZLN’s project of autonomy, the murder of José Luis Solís López, the aggression against the BAEZLN, the disruption of the dialogue that was being held in the Junta and the escalation of violence that puts at risk the life and personal integrity of all persons in Caracol 1 of La Realidad.


Therefore, it is urgent that the state government of Chiapas conducts a prompt and impartial investigation to clarify the facts, and sanctions the material and intellectual authors of the murder of Solís López, BAEZLN; that the investigation clarifies the facts and sanctions those responsible for the aggressions directed at the BAEZLN, which left several people gravely injured.


Moreover, the following damages to the property of the EZLN’s autonomous project (must be repaired): two classrooms destroyed and also the mesh for the autonomous school’s vegetable garden; the autonomous clinic that was totally destroyed; the Nissan double cabin vehicle that was retained; and three vehicles that were damaged in the attack: a 2000 Ford Ranger truck, a 1985 Chevrolet, and a 2002 3-ton truck, as well as other damages.


And it is urgent to re-establish the supply of safe drinking water that the aggressors have cut off, depriving the BAEZLN of the La Realidad ejido of this basic service.




On Thursday, May 1, 2014 in the offices of Caracol 1 in the La Realidad ejido, starting at 11:00 AM, a process of dialogue began between two members of the CIOAC-H, Secretary of Transport Drivers Alfredo Cruz and private secretary Roberto Alfaro, and members of the Junta with the presence of two persons from this Human Rights Centre, in the role of observers.


The purpose of the dialogue was to resolve the retention of a Nissan pickup truck, belonging to the Junta, held in La Realidad’s ejido house since March 16 of this year. CIOAC-H members who are residents of La Realidad, headed by Ejidal Commissioner Javier López Rodriguez, municipal agent Carmelino Rodríguez Jiménez, and other members of the PVEM and PAN detained the truck.


In this meeting, the Junta said to the CIOAC-H commission that, as leaders of the organization, they should seek peaceful solutions to such a problem. The CIOAC-H commission agreed to take steps for the resolution of the problem, and deemed it necessary that a member of the CIOAC-H (Alfredo Cruz) go to speak with the official authorities and members of his organization from La Realidad to seek a solution to the vehicle’s retention. Upon returning, Alfredo reported not having achieved any agreement.


Given the complexity and assuming the responsibility of the CIOAC-H, Professor Roberto Alfaro asked Alfredo Cruz to go speak to Luis Hernández, leader of the CIOAC-H, to make him aware of the situation that prevails in the La Realidad ejido, urging him to reach agreements with the residents and members of his organization that would permit a harmonious solution. Therefore, the dialogue was declared to be an ongoing “permanent meeting” until the problem was resolved, with two members of this Human Rights Centre being present all the time, in the role of observers, and maintaining communication with members of the CIOAC-H leadership and the Human Rights Centre, for the purpose of guaranteeing transparency, equity and security conditions for the dialogue that was being carried out.


Originally Published in Spanish by Frayba

May 5, 2014


Translation: Chiapas Support Committee