3 news stories about the assassination of José Luis Solís López


The EZLN suspends activities following the assassination of Galeano, announces Marcos


**They postpone the national indigenous meeting and the tribute to Luis Villoro

Hermann Bellinghausen


La Jornada 
Saturday 10 May 2014


Subcomandante Marcos has announced that, as a result of the murder of “compañero Galeano” in La Realidad, the Zapatista National Liberation Army has decided to suspend the national meeting of indigenous peoples which it had announced for the end of May at a Zapatista caracol, and other scheduled activities.

The rebel spokesman wrote: "Compañero Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés had to take a difficult decision. His decision is final and, if you ask my opinion (no one has), unobjectionable. He has decided to indefinitely suspend the meeting and sharing with the indigenous peoples and their organizations in the National Indigenous Congress. He has also decided to suspend the homage which we were preparing for our absent compañero Luis Villoro Toranzo as well as to suspend our participation in the seminar Ethics in the face of dispossession, which is being organised by compas artists and intellectuals from Mexico and the world."

He then explains: “The first results of the investigation and the information which we have received, leave no room for doubt: 1) It was an attack which was planned in advance, militarily organized and carried out with malice, premeditation and advantage. And it is an attack recorded in a climate created and encouraged from above. 2) The leadership of all these organisations is involved: CIOAC-Histórica, the Partido Verde Ecologista (the name under which the PRI governs in Chiapas), the Partido Acción Nacional and the Partido Revolucionario Institucional. 3) At the very least, the state government of Chiapas is involved. The level of involvement of the federal government remains to be determined.”

And he states: "A woman from the contras has come forward to tell that it was planned like this and that the plan was to 'fuck' Galeano".

With pain and rage, Marcos reports that the body was "thrown in the middle of what was previously the territory of the campers, men and women from around the world who came to what was known as the 'peace camp' in La Realidad. And it was the compañeras, the Zapatista women of La Realidad, who defied their fear and went to collect the body."

He also states: "Now they tell us that ‘those from above are starting to encourage the model called Acteal':  'it was an inter-community conflict about a gravel bank'. Hmm ...this is how militarization carries on, the hysterical shouting of the domesticated press, simulations, lies, persecution. It is not a coincidence that the old Chuayffet is there, now with dedicated students in the government of Chiapas and 'farmers' organizations."







An account of a death


Gloria Muñoz Ramírez


José Luis Solís López was a full-time Zapatista since before the 1994 indigenous uprising. Galeano was his struggle name (nombre de lucha). Involved in every one of the peace initiatives of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) over the last 20 years, he was killed by a 22 calibre bullet in the right leg and one in the chest. He also received a machete wound in his mouth, blows to the back and a coup de grace shot in the back of the head.

A teacher from the zone in the Zapatista Escuelita, José Luis was the victim of an attack by members of the Independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos (CIOAC) Historic, not of a confrontation with this organization, as earlier versions reported. Nor is it true that he and his compañeros were armed.  The Zapatistas have not used a rifle for over 20 years. They are an army and their communities have organization and discipline. They have not taken one out, not because they could not do so, but because - as the intellectuals John Berger, Immanuel Wallerstein and Pablo González Casanova have said, along with many others who have given them their solidarity – they have made a committment, “with a profound political and ethical will, not to allow confrontation between indigenous.”

A neighbour of the emblematic caracol of Reality, for years the community most under siege from the Army, the counterinsurgency plans, the press and national and international visits, he never shied away from a job or assignment, such as when he was chosen as a Votan of the first generation of the Zapatista Escuelita.

José Luis was inside the caracol when his compañeros were ambushed by paramilitaries from the CIOAC, PVEM and PAN. Hearing the attacks at the entrance to the community, he ran together with other Zapatistas to go to support their compañeros, “but they could not reach them because they were attacked in the middle of the village with guns, and that's where our  compañero fell,” the good government junta in the zone reported.

Of his participation in the escuelita last summer, Galeano said, "They – referring to the students - thought that the Zapatistas were in the mountains, so they said, they never thought that the Zapatistas are flesh and blood and are human beings like them, and that we are in the communities and that we are organizing. So I see that for me the escuelita is a means to meet with and learn from other people of the city, our country and the world. "


The testimony was collected in the first issue of the magazine Rebeldía Zapatista, and circulated after his death by the Chiapas Free Media Centre.







General condemnation of the murder of the teacher Luis Solís López


**Intellectuals demand the cessation of attacks on the EZLN school

**National and international organizations join the cry of Enough!


Hermann Bellinghausen


La Jornada 
Friday 9 May 2014


The English writer John Berger, the Mexican sociologist Pablo González Casanova and the leaders Hugo Blanco Galdós of Peru and Carlos González of Mexico expressed their "deepest indignation at the attacks being suffered by our compañer@s, bases of support of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) in the caracol of La Realidad."


Invited by the EZLN to participate, during the first week of June, in the seminar Ethics against dispossession, the intellectuals said: "Throughout the 20 years of public existence of the EZLN, we have observed that, since January 12, 1994, despite countless provocations, the Zapatistas have committed, with a deep political-ethical determination, not to permit confrontation between indigenous.”


“Now, an organization that calls itself CIOAC Historical is being used by the state and federal governments as a paramilitary arm to attack our compañer@s, trying to pretend that this is an inter-community confrontation. They did so in Acteal, they so do now. Only someone with very bad intentions could accept this interpretation.”


This has consequently, they added, led to the "murder in cold blood of compañero José Luis Solís López, teacher in the zone at the Escuelita 'Freedom according to the Zapatistas'. One of our votans has been killed and others have been injured."


In a brief message, they conclude, “we demand an end now, and definitively, to these attacks against what is the most established civilising project existing in Mexico and the world. A country and a world torn by violence and crime promoted by the power of money. To our votans we send a message: “All your students will be with you at your side, and will not remain unmoved in the face of these attacks. We say to the governments ‘enough!’”


In another statement, Latin American students from the Zapatista Escuelita, from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Bolivia said: “we are sustained by rage and frozen by sadness.” The means and method of ambush and murder, “alongside the destruction of collective material goods such as cutting the water supply to the population, material damage to the autonomous school and Clinic, as well as damage to their work vehicles are nothing but paramilitary actions under the tactical-military strategy of counterinsurgency which continues in Chiapas.


Organizations and groups have spoken similarly, such as Ya Basta, Milan (Italy), the Central General de Trabajadores (CGT) and caracol de Zaragoza (Spanish State) as well as the Catalan groups Adhesiva Espai de Trobada i Acció, Educación para la Acción Crítica, Grupo de investigación en Derechos Humanos and Sostenibilidad y Connexió de Recursos per a l’Acció Comunitària.


In Mexico, collectives from Puebla, the Federal District and Guadalajara, the Ñathö community of San Francisco Xochicuautla and the Tlachinollan rights centre from Guerrero condemned the murder of Solís López, “compañero Galeano,” and the attacks against the  Zapatista bases Romeo Jiménez López, Andulio Gómez López, Abacuc Jiménez López, Yadiel Jiménez López, Efraín, Gerardo, Ignacio, Esaú, Noé, Saúl, Elder Darinel, Héctor, Marín, Nacho and Jairo, all of them wounded during the attack which took place during the afternoon of 2nd May in the Tojolabal community of La Realidad.


Finally, the ejidatarios of the sixth from San Sebastián Bachajón denounced that the “paramilitaries who assassinated the Zapatista compañero Galeano (Solís López),” represent “the way that the bad government wants to put an end to the autonomy of the peoples and the organizations who resist capitalism. So it was that they killed our compañeros Juan Vázquez Guzmán on April 24, 2013 and Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano on March 21, 2014, to finish off our peaceful struggle which is for land and freedom for the people.”