¡Galeano Vive! ¡La Lucha Sigue! 14 May 2014 London

Paramilitaries ATTACK Zapatista Community La Realidad

2 May 2014. Violence in Chiapas continues. Paramilitary group CIOAC-Historica and PRI, Green Ecological, and PAN parties implicated. One death, 15 injured, destruction of school, clinic, garden, vehicles damanged, another seized, and water cut off to the community. The growing boldness of paramilitaries is worrying.


The UK Zapatista Network calls for an end to these attacks and impunity.



The Zapatistas are not alone




the animals and Mother Earth, the plants, flowers, and trees




the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network, Kiptik (Bristol)




the UK Zapatista Art, Culture and Education Collective



the London Mexico Solidarity Group, the Edinburgh Chiapas Support Group




No more attacks, no more impunity!

the Dorset Chiapas Support Group, UK Zapatista Translation Service, Zapatista Solidarity Group Essex University


 the Manchester Zapatista Collective





we are with them




we don't seek revenge, we seek justice




Galeano Lives!




Justice for the Zapatistas



we are all Zapatistas




the authorities came and took down our message about an hour after we left, but it lives on here in images, our hearts, minds and hands




Another world is possible and in fact it is already here! The Zapatistas and others worldwide are organising into autonomous, self-determining communities free from the violent capitalist system rooted in exploitation, repression and oppression.




Join us, next meeting 9 June at LARC




Today on the 18th of May we carried out an action in front of the Mexican Embassy in London in support of the Zapatista communities which find themselves under attack by the bad government and their paramilitary groups, and in memory of the 'compañero' Galeano. The action was organised by the London Mexico Solidarity Group and the other groups of the UK Zapatista Support Network:  Dorest-Chiapas Solidarity Group, Edinburgh-Chiapas Support Group, the Manchester Zapatista Collective, The Zapatista Solidarity Group Essex University, Kiptik the group from Bristol, the UK Zapatista Translation Service, and the UK Zapatista Art, Culture and Education Collective.

Approximately 20 people came, representing different collectives and some individually. We hung a banner in front of the embassy with the slogan 'We are all Zapatistas' y we held placards with various support and solidarity messages, which comrades had written. These tell the story of how the vision of the Zapatista communities has travelled far y continue to nurture the hopes from below and to the left all over the world. The slogan we sang today honoured our fallen 'compañero' (Long Live Galeano, the struggle continues) are a demonstration of that, as well as showing that Chiapas is not alone in its struggle against Bad Governments. There isn't a Bad Government which doesn't tremble before people united, and no memory is lost if it is honoured through resistance.  'Compañero' Galeano will live on in our hearts, and it is a fact that the struggle for freedom in Chiapas will bring a new world.

From the Britannic Islands, we send you a small story of our action today and a hug of solidarity.

UK Zapatista Support Network

London Mexico Solidarity Group
Dorest-Chiapas Solidarity Group
Edinburgh-Chiapas Support Group
Manchester Zapatista Collective
Zapatista Solidarity Group Essex University
Kiptik (Bristol)
UK Zapatista Translation Service
UK Zapatista Art, Culture and Education Collective



Hoy 18 de mayo llevamos a cabo una acción en frente de la embajada mexicana en Londres en apoyo a las comunidades zapatistas -hoy bajo el ataque de los malos gobiernos y sus grupos paramilitares- y en memoria del compañero Galeano. La acción fue convocada por el Grupo de Solidaridad Londres-México y los otros grupos de la red de apoyo Zapatista en el Reino Unido:  Grupo de Apoyo Dorset-Chiapas, Grupo de Apoyo Edinburgh-Chiapas, Colectivo Zapatista Manchester, Grupo de Solidaridad Zapatista Universidad de Essex, Kiptik el grupo de Bristol, Servicio de traducción Zapatista Reino Unido y el Colectivo Zapatista de Arte, Cultura y Educación Reino Unido.

Cerca de 20 personas asistieron, representando a distintos colectivos, y a título personal. Se colgó una manta frente a la embajada con la consigna "Todxs somos zapatistas", y sostuvimos cartones con diversos mensajes de apoyo y solidaridad que lxs compañerxs escribieron, contando la historia de cómo la palabra de las comunidades zapatistas ha viajado lejos, y sigue alimentando las esperanzas abajo y a la izquierda en todo el mundo. Las consignas que hoy cantamos en honor a nuestro compañero caído ("Galeano vive, la lucha sigue") son una manifestación de aquello, y la confirmación de que Chiapas no está sola en su lucha contra los malos gobiernos. No hay mal gobierno que no tiemble ante un pueblo unido, y no hay memoria que se pierda si se honra con lucha. El compañero Galeano seguirá en nuestros corazones y, nos consta, en la lucha que hoy se libra en Chiapas por nacer un mundo nuevo.
Desde las islas británicas les mandamos una pequeña historieta que relata nuestra acción de hoy y un abrazo solidario,

La Red de Apoyo Zapatista Reino Unido

Grupo de Solidaridad Londres-México
Grupo de Apoyo Dorset-Chiapas
Grupo de Apoyo Edinburgh-Chiapas
Colectivo Zapatista Manchester
Grupo de Solidaridad Zapatista Universidad de Essex
Kiptik el grupo de Bristol
Servicio de traducción Zapatista del Reino Unido
Colectivo Zapatista de Arte, Cultura y Educación Reino Unido